"Keeping your body healthy is
an expression of gratitude
to the whole cosmos
-the trees, the clouds, everything."
    ~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

Chinese Herbal Medicine is prescribed based on the individual's constitution, disease diagnosis and pattern of disharmony.

Chinese herbs not only treat the symptoms but they are formulated by the practicioner to strengthen the patient's system.raw herbs

Herbs are usually administered in the form of strong tea prepared at home from herbs provided by the practioner. Sometimes the preparations are given in powdered form or in capsules.

Unlike Western medications, the herbs are custom formulated to the particular needs of the individual patient.

The quality and potency of the herbs meet strict laboratory standards set by U.S. and Taiwanese pharmacopiae.

Chinese herbs are usually administered 2-3 times a day for chronic conditions or more often for severe acute conditions.

Treatment with Chinese herbs is usually more effective when done in conjunction with acupuncture.

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