With more than
25 years in practice
Dana Quinn has an established
reputation for caring and professionalism.

~ "Dana Quinn is a fabulous acupuncturist and healer. She has helped me with a variety of physical ailments and stress, and I’m always impressed by her thorough knowledge of both Eastern and Western healing treatments.

There have been times Dana has diagnosed a situation more accurately than my doctors. Not only is Dana a gifted acupuncturist, she’s a lovely and talented woman whose kindness, caring and compassion make all the difference.

I look forward to my meetings with Dana as an opportunity to heal, rejuvenate and relax." ~

- Marjorie S., Watertown, MA

~ "I have had excellent results from my treatments by Dana Quinn and recommend her highly to others.

She treated me successfully to relieve chronic back pain and flare-ups of ankle, foot and neck pain, as well as frequent headaches and heartburn. The combination of acupuncture, laser and other treatments has proven effective in getting me to feel better quickly and improve significantly over time.

She approaches treatment solutions with intelligence and creativity born of many years experience in the use of acupuncture techniques and Chinese herbal remedies. My overall health has improved markedly since I started seeing Dana; I get fewer colds and other illnesses.

I can always count on her for caring, thoughtful and practical advice on ways to reach and maintain better health." ~

- Amina D., Cambridge, MA

~ "After having severe complications from a tubal pregnancy as well as several early miscarriages, I read an article describing a woman who went through much worse infertility woes who became a mother to a healthy baby after trying acupuncture.

I had gone through two years of "traditional" treatment for infertility, including taking both oral and injectable doses of hormones, and IUI procedures when a friend referred me to Dana.

Within 3 months of seeing Dana, my cycle went from occurring every 24-36 day to being every 28. This was proof enough to me that the acupuncture was helping. Within another 2 months I became pregnant and had a healthy baby boy. Dana also helped me to have a second baby 23 months later!

I am eternally grateful to Dana for helping me become a mother, but that is not all. Dana is exceptionally caring and only a phone call away. I had a big scare during my second pregnancy and Dana was incredibly supportive and helpful." ~

Patty F., Lynnfield, MA